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It is the year 193 AD. The Roman Empire is not as great as it once was. Hordes of enemies crossing the borders, famine spreads throughout the provinces and the political intrigues are tearing the empire apart from within. The previous emperor was killed by his own Praetorian bodyguard and has left a power vacuum that the powerful families in Rome are trying to fill. Are you ready to don the purple yourself and take on the stressful job as emperor? If you fail, the other families are ready to take over at a moment's notice. While they wait for your doom, they won't hesitate to backstab or undermine you as much as they can. However you all have to work together as the fall of the Roman Empire is closing in.

You all fight over victory points and there are multiple paths to victory. The emperor can collect lots of quick points if he can manage to keep the empire happy and not die in the process. As the opposing families wait to don the purple themselves they can also gain victory points but at a slower rate.

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